MCCG - Maintenance and Construction Cash Grant

One of the focuses of Citizens’ Charter is inclusion and better reintegration of Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the communities. The Maintenance and Construction Cash Grant (MCCG) program is intended to provide a source of emergency cash through short-term employment for the most vulnerable households, as well as urgently needed funding for basic infrastructure in communities that are housing Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Returnees.

It aims 35% of the communities’ households (hosting in-migrant) to be prepared for lean period and to mitigate seasonal hunger, maintain/repair existing infrastructure, and construct small infrastructure (including classrooms) that fall outside the Citizens’ Charter construction menu.

MCCG initiative builds on the community development planning process of the Citizens’ Charter, where distribution of public resources and the socio-economic differentiation is analyzed.

The resources map and the well-being/poverty analysis are crucial in fund allocation (which resources to repair or where to build new infrastructure in relation to existing trends) and targeting.

Achievements so far:

Created 1.48 Million working days for skilled and unskilled laborers

by completing 1,073 sub-projects 

through MCCG program