Forming of CCAP Provincial Management Committee in Mazar-e-Sharif

09 December 2018 - CCAP Management Committees at Balkh province and Mazar-e-Sharif Municipality level formed with the objectives of better coordination among CDC’s and relevant institutions including IDLG and MRRD and related entities such as Governor’s Office, Education Department, Public Health Department, Water Supply Department, and DABS to improve service delivery and to resolve peoples’ those problems  which solving those problems are beyond authority and ability of CDCs via Provincial Management Committees at province and municipality levels. On purpose of forming these committees the CCAP PMU held an event in Balkh governor’s office. Authorities of Balkh province, mayor of Mazar-e-Sharif, heads of Public Health Department, Education, DAB, Water Supply Department, Rural Development Department, Agriculture Department, Economic Department, CDC representatives, and of CCAP authorities also participated the event.

At the beginning, Shuja’adeen “Shuja’a” Deputy Governor of Balkh province appreciated CCAP for its activities and considered the program as an important means of relations between government and the citizens. He added, CCAP has improved livelihood of citizens and it has created opportunities to build up capacity of local governance. Deputy Governor vowed to support CCAP and not spare any assistance in achieving its goals. 

Later, Fariba Sharif Ahmadi, CCAP Mazar-e-Sharif PMU head added that CDC must not only focus on implementation of project but also work to address problems of people at community level.