Woman’s Economic Role in the Family


Bibi Gul who is residing in Nahia 10 of Herat city earns 5,000 AFN each month with the support of Women Empowerment Project of the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program.  She is one of the 23 trainees who has received free training in Shohadai Awal production company, which is also led by a women. After the graduation, she started working there who is able to produce all kinds of pickles and jams.

Bibi Gul is one of the beneficiaries of the women's livelihood project in Shohadai Awal Gozar of Nahia ten of Herat city. She lives in a poor family. Her husband owns a cart and works as a laborer in the market. He is sometimes able to find work but most of the times, he can’t.  Before working in the company, she used to clean pistachios at home so that she could help her husband with the income of 100 AFN.

The women’s empowerment project of the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program has created internship and employment opportunities for interested women in urban areas so that they can learn a profession for free and will be able to work in a completely peaceful environment.

During an interview with her, Bibi Gul said, "After I started my job in the production company, I was always supporting and giving my hand to help my husband and I am satisfied with our living, we have now. My children can go to school and I work outside the house and have a good income,".  She narrates her story as such, "We were 23 women who first started to work. They trained us for free for 6 months on how to make pickles and jams, and each of the women either rented a shop or they worked from their own houses. "After the training I received, I started to work in the company and now I earn 5000 AFN every month."

Bibi Gul has acquired sufficient skills in the production of pickles and jams. She now works with 19 other trainees in the Women's Empowerment Office in Shohadai Awal Gozar. She is very happy that Women's Empowerment Project of Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program has created this opportunity for her. She calls on other women not to stay idle at their homes. According to her, women should start their businesses. They have to come together and make efforts to establish businesses and reach the highest positions in the community.

It is important to state that the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program has established production and training centers for women at every level through women's empowerment projects in urban and rural areas covered by this program, so that they can learn and work in a completely feminine environment.