The story of a woman who earns a living of her family by working in the livelihood projects

Ms. Sunita Aman who is manager of women's livelihood project under the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program’s (CCNPP) women livelihood project has created job opportunities for 17 indigent women in Sultan Agha Gozar District 10 of Herat city. The project is producing  cloths for children, women and men’s and delivered to nearby local markets.

So far, she has signed contracts with six stores. The average of each contract is delivery of over 75 types of clothes in different styles and forms, for the kids , women and men. They have also signed contracts with hospitals for sewing of the uniforms for doctors, nurses and operating theaters.

The Sultan Agha Gozar Production Center is launched with the help of Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP). .  In this project, 125 interns receive training in sewing, designing, cutting and uniforms while 20 other are trained in embroidery. and 5 females are being trained on beads making for clothes.

Ms. Nafisa Ghori is one of the 17 women who works in this production center. In the lockdown due to  Covid-19, she was facing severe economic problems. In interview with the program, she said, “We spent all our money in the lockdown period and, eventually we got into a debt. My husband was a vendor who lost his job due to the lockdown. He got unemployed for several months and we didn’t had any income anymore. He had to go to Iran in an illegal way in order to earn a living and feed his children. It is clear that the value of Iranian currency against the Afghan currency is so low, therefore,  he has not yet been able to raise enough money (AFN 3000) to pay the smuggler who has taken him to Iran. After, when the lockdown was lifted, I learned that there is a sewing and embroidery center set up for women in the area. Now I am working in department  in this center and earn 100 to 200 AFN per day by sewing clothes. I am able to earn a living for my family."  Mrs. Ghori further added, “This training and production center has provided good job opportunities for women. Here,  women can freely work and earn money for their families. We are very pleased with the CCNPP and thank you for helping us and providing a good opportunity for the indigent women”.

The Women's livelihood projects under the CCNPP, which are allocated at each Gozar in cities are very effective for economically empowering  of women, especially the poor women. Firstly, these projects have increased technical and professional skills and knowledge of women that enable them to launch a   small business or work as skilled workers and make a living.