Extension of 9882-meter power grid and installation of 2 electricity transformers in Herat City

CCNPP Urban has established a total of 9882 meters of electricity network for the Yaw-Walai Development Council which is located in district 15 of Herat city.

Residents of the community who recently benefited from electric lighting say, "CCNPP, on one hand, united residents of the community who were living in dispersal for years and created solidarity and unity among us by establishing a CDC and on the other hand the program enlightened our homes. Electricity enabled us to have access to information and technology devices to increase our knowledge and awareness”.

The total cost of the project is AFN 5,739,200 funded by CCNPP and there is 25% contribution of the community. The project includes extension of 9882 meters of electricity network, installation of two transformers, installation of 182 concrete poles, and 51-meter boxes.  In addition, the completion of the mentioned development project enabled 218 households to get access to electricity/lightening and during its implementation stage, a total of 165 working days were created for skilled workers and 570 working days for unskilled workers. In the meantime, they were able to sustain their livelihood of working in these projects.