An Irrigation Canal Project Completed in Khost

Kabul, December 02, 2020 – A 220-meter irrigation canal project worth more than AFN 1.5 million funded by the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/CCNPP) including 10% community contribution (financial, labor or in-kind) has been constructed in Ismailkhil Mandozai district of Khost province.

The canal project has been designed to supply 1,500 jiribs of irrigation land with water which directly benefits tens of families in Dogri Dadowal village, Ismailkhil Mandozai district of Khost province.

Taking the employment generation and economic recovery into consideration, a total of 1,340 labor days have been created for both skilled and unskilled local laborers during the project implementation.  

It is worth mentioning that hundreds of Citizens’ Charter-funded development projects are currently underway, while some of them have already been completed in various communities of Khost province.