Wahid Abad CDC in Jalala Abad City! 

Through the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP), the outlook of the cities is changing dramatically. Here, we are assessing the fast-changing governance conditions and potentials through the urban community development councils and Gozar Assemblies (GAs).
Wahid Abad CDC is located in Nahia nine Gozar five of Jalalabad city which is formed of 236 households (656 males and 623 females) and 12 election units.
A total of 201 households of the CDC have now access to clean drinking water. The CDC is also home to 60 IDP families. In terms of education, a total 129 male members and 8 female members including 3 physically disabled persons of the CDC are literate. According to our statistics, 169 residents are permanent while the remaining 67 households resides in rental houses.
Mostly, the community in order could understand their potentials and resources available in the locality, the social mobilization practices takes place, for inclusive decision making. After the successful completion of social mobilization, the members and residents of the CDC selected a project for the rehabilitation of roads, canals and culverts in their area through preparation of a community development plan at the CDC level, which has now been successfully completed.
During implementation phase of the project, 1127 working days were provided to the skill and unskilled workers of Wahid Abad Community Development Council who had never experienced such a collective approach for their community development and job opportunity in their locality before. As the end result, our assessment shows that the residents of the council are happy with the activities of CCAP who were not only able to concrete their roads, canals and culverts in their area in a pivotal way, but also has provided employment opportunities to a large number of council members in the area.
Overall, the development projects were directly implemented by the CDC and 100% of its construction is completed.