Through the Citizens’ Charter program, women are making their own informed decisions

The Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP) provincial office with Mazar-e-Sharif municipality inaugurated construction of two kindergartens and a boundary wall for a school. They have also inaugurated a factory for women. This ceremony was organized to inaugurate the above four projects, which was attended by municipality officials, provincial program head and local community.

The projects are selected by the local community. The two Kindergartens will be constructed for Sayed Yahya High School and Hawayee Block Secondary schools in the 8th district. In the mean time, construction of a boundary wall was of a high priority for Abu Ali Sina High School, to create a safe learning environment for students. Citizens' Charter program works to ensure that women have access to a full range of suitable and affordable trainings and skills-set critical to withstand their shocks and fulfill their economic and social potential. Taking  Citizens' Charter program as an opportunity, the women at the Gozar level  have decided to establish a factory to get baking skills in making sweets, cakes and cookies. Not only this project will have economic returns for their families but they have also proved that the women can decide by their own, for their choice. Through this project, the women will receive training on bakery and after obtaining the necessary skills-set, they can expand the bakery business, making their households and community economically self-sufficient. Overall, all the mentioned projects are focusing on women empowerment on one way or the other, thus making women to decide for themselves and their own community.

The local communities and the women expressed their appreciation to the Citizens' Charter program for approving budgets for construction of the kindergartens, boundary wall for a school and supporting bakery project for women. They were prioritized as an important projects, which will provide safety and security as well as provide healthy learning environment for their kids.  The estimated cost for each project is US$ 16,894. The two schools accommodate 7270 students and about half of them are female. By completion of kindergartens and a boundary wall, the whole community will directly and indirectly benefit. Moreover, with establishment of a factory and trainings they provide to women, many local women will acquire baking skills which will help them to open their own businesses.