Streets Concreting Project of Tahawul CDC in Herat City

Streets concreting of Tahawul CDC located in Insejam Guzar, district 12of Herat City is in progress by Citizen’s Charter Program. The mentioned development project includes concreting 1469 Meters Street with the total cost of 6,254,620 AFN funded and implemented by Citizen’s Charter program including community contribution and approximately 70% project work has been completed. The project will create 4450 working days for unskilled labors and 763 working days for skilled labors and with the completion of the project 1453 person will be directly benefitted.

The residents of the area were pleased with the implementation process of the project and added that by concreting streets they will get rid of environmental issues such as dust, standing water and diseases caused by environmental pollution. This will also cause economic growth and development in the region.