Nabila’s Success Story No pain no gain

Nabila is a 20 years old girl; CCAP has brought spiritual and physical changes in her life. She says, “I was very little when my father passed away. My mother, three brothers, two sisters started suffering poverty and difficulties of life.  Even though my uncle was very poor, he took the responsibility to raise us. He is responsible to make a living for his children as well. As time was passing, we were facing greater economic problems. Sometimes, I was thinking about my mother and our poverty and telling myself what , how  and where to do something to see a change. I was very little; I took my mother’s sandals to a cobbler to sew. When the cobbler was sewing the sandals, I was looking at his fingers to see and learn how he sews the sandals. I usually went to him in order to learn how to sew.


Sometimes the cobbler was angry at me and forcing me away. As a little kid, I was very persistent.  I didn’t leave him until I learned how to sew shoes.

After I learnt shoe sewing, I searched for getting thread and a needle. One day, my brother wanted to go to downtown and asked me if I need anything. I told him to bring me shoe thread and a needle. He laughed with himself and asked me what I was doing with them. I insisted him a lot until he brought me a role of thread and a needle.  I got very happy. I first sewed my mother’s sandals; she was surprised how come such a little girl can sew shoes. She never thought that I would be able to learn how to sew shoes. I became famous in the village. Through cobbling, I was able to make a living.


When CCAP started its activities in district 5 of Jalal Abad city, Based on poverty analysis, I became member of Shahidano Tapi CDC in women empowerment project. I learnt two things here, sewing cloths and handicrafts.  I have had this in my mind for a long time to learn how to sew cloths. Fortunately, CCAP answered all my questions. As for other girls, the program paved a way for me to go to school and become empowered. I tailor one or two pairs of cloths every day. Besides, tailoring, I work on handicrafts as well.  I spend the income I get from tailoring to my family with pride. My mothers’ dreams became true and she is not suffering from poverty anymore.  I don’t ask my uncle to help us now, because he is not rich either. He has his own children to take care of. My hopes for my brothers have also come true. Two of my brothers go to school and my other brother would like to pursue his higher education with the means I have provided for him.

My message to young sisters is to be self-sufficient and strong all the time. Go to school, make efforts and not to rely on others. Poverty will say goodbye to you and happiness will join you.