A Special Interview with the Deputy Mayor of Kandahar City on CCNPP

Q : CCNPP has been operating in Kandahar for two years, as the mayor of Kandahar Province, how do you assess the Program?

Ans: My assessment about CCNPP in Kandahar province is positive, most of the problems of Kandahar people have been addressed, people’s confidence on government has been increased, and people cooperate with government. Because of CCNPP, income of the municipality has been increased. 

Q : How do you assess CCNPP activities for Kandahar Municipality related activities and development of fundamental institutions – are they effective?


Ans: Yes, CCNPP activities are very effective. In terms of economic activities, Kandahar has developed a lot. Corrective and descriptive plans have been implemented. The areas which were deprived of services for the last ten years in Kandahar and no high ranking government authority visited those areas have received services. Now, I myself go there and inaugurate different projects which are considered good examples of positives changes.  

Q : How do you assess confidence rate of people of the areas which are covered by CCNPP?

Ans: Most of the people are happy with CCNPP where it operates. Positive changes have come in their social lives. Public awareness has been increased. They have gladly selected/identified developmental projects through CCNPP, taking into account the primary needs of their area.

Q : CCNPP OM clearly indicates responsibilities of the municipality and provides required guidance for the professional and technical persons to build up and develop their capacity; do you have any specific recommendation to improve and develop the aforementioned objective? Could you please express it briefly?

Ans: As there are a lot of projects on going in Kandahar, the current number of FP and MPU Engineers doesn’t suffice for them.  Neither they can monitor all the projects on time nor they can get to other relevant activities. I suggest increasing number of FP engineers and building up their capacity.

Q : As it is obvious to you, objective of the CCNPP is to provide MSS, build up people’s capacity, create a feeling of ownership, unite people, people support to government , legal justice between men and women and to illustrate democracy in villages. Taking into account the aforementioned instances, have there been any positive changes in people’s mentality or not?

Ans: Absolutely, the program had positive impacts on people. There have been positive changes in social and cultural structures, people are connected to the government. They can easily resolve and share problems of their area with any sector such as Education Department, Health Department or any other sector. People contribute towards unity. Through CCNPP of CDC’s meeting, people have contributed towards unity and they are aware of each other’s problems. There have been changes in the face of the city. The environment is neat. People have positive mind set about the government and support the government.  

Q : Can continuation of CCNPP play a positive role in city development and enlightening mentality of people or not?

Ans: As stated before, CCNPP has brought positive changes in people’s mind set since starting its operation in Kandahar two years ago. If the program continues, the changes will improve and develop more.