Citizens’ Charter Provincial Management Committees established in Balkh province

09 April, 2019 – The Provincial Citizens’ Charter Management Committees (PCCMC), Districts Citizens’ Charter Management Committees (DCCMC) and Manucipulity Citizens’ Charter Management Committees (MCCMC) were established in Balkh province, aiming to improve coordination and collaboration between the Community Development Councils (CDCs), stakeholders and partners at the district and provincial levels. PCCMC, DCCMC  and MCCMC are comprised of representatives from provincial rural and rehabilitation directorate, directorate of education, directorate of public health, directorate of agriculture, irrigation and livestock and representatives from CDCs, led by the provincial and district governors respectively.

Establishment of PCCMC, DCCMC and MCCMC under the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP) will further enhance coordination between relevant CDCs and provincial administrations to facilitate the provision of services for the citizens. Major challenges and problems at the communities, which are beyond the scope and authority of the CDCs, are resolved through PCCMC and DCCMC at the district and provincial level. PCCMC/DCCMC/MCCMC will have regular coordination meetings to ensure that district and provincial governors retain oversight; the modalities of the CC implementation are followed; and key issues in terms of services delivery that elected representatives have highlighted will be addressed and resolved. 

Mr. Abdul Baqi Popal, the Deputy Minister of Municipalities (DMM) at Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) speaking at the ceremony, emphasized on the Citizens’ Charter improvement and said, “The Citizens’ Charter provided a balanced platform for improvement of both rural and urban areas, where it is more visible in Mazar Sharif. As it has been noticed that delivery of the services has been well improved where a remarkable increase in Tax Safayee is made this year in comparison to the last fiscal year”.

Mr. Hayatullah Fazel, representative of CCNPP, speaking on the CCNPP achievements in Balkh province said: “288 community development councils (CDCs) have been elected, 346 development projects are under implementation through these CDCs, tens of projects have been completed, over 160 million labor days created for both skilled and unskilled laborers in four districts of Balkh, Charkent, Khulm and Marmul”. He also added that in total 167 school buildings will be constructed under EQRA project of CCNPP in that province. Amongst these schools, 94 school buildings are planned to be constructed from the scratch, while 73 others will be equipped with missing components such as toilets, boundary walls, deep wells or any other required missing parts.

Mr. Sibghat Ghaznawi, the Director of Citizens’ Charter in urban areas, has highlighted the achievement of Citizens’ Charter in Mazar city and said: “ The Citizens’ Charter has been implemented in 4 districts of Mazar city and so far 150 CDCs established, more than 155 sub-project proposal has been approved where 5 of them are in water sector, 1 in electricity and other 149 are street upgrading projects. From these mentioned projects, 97 project field work has started and about 6 projects have been completed and put to utilization”.

The Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP) is an initiative of the Government of Afghanistan. The goal of this cross ministerial program is to improve the delivery of core infrastructure and social services to participating communities through strengthened CDCs in 34 provinces across the country. The Charter is commitment to provide every village and city in Afghanistan with basic services, based on community’s own prioritization. Most of these services have clear minimum services standards that the government is committed to delivering to the citizens of Afghanistan.


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