Exchange Visit between Tawsiἀ and Sazendagan Development Councils

January 09, 2019 - IDLG/Citizen’s Charter provincial management unit conducted exchange visit session between Tawsiἀ and Sazendagan development councils at the district 12th of Herat City.

The members of the Sazendagan Development Council as guest and members of the Tawsiἀ Development Councils as host participated in this session. The purpose of this session was exchange of ideas and experiences, building linkages between CDC’s, knowing their achievements and solving problems.

The following points were discussed by each council in groups and later on councils’ chairpersons presented their  issues.

  • How many meetings your CDCs are conducting?
  • How are these meeting managed and how the decisions are made?
  • How the made decisions are implemented in CDCs and how community members are informed on?
  • How is the management system of your development council?
  • What are the achievements of your development councils till now and how do you handle problems and grievances of the community members?