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 Itefaq Islam Gozar Install Solar Street Lights to Light up Their Dark Streets    

 Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Program (CCAP) is delivering standard and basic services so that all citizens have access to minimum standard services. Through this program, among other services, electricity is also in the list as one of minimum standard service for urban population covering provincial centers in Afghanistan.
The Deputy Ministry of Municipalities of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) through the CCAP – always release their best practices, lessons learned, stories and press releases to their stakeholders and beneficiaries, who is the responsible authority in management of urban practices to inspire and implement the vision set through the overarching programs like the Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Program. Read More
Fighting Corona Virus is a Responsibility for all of us! 

 Stay Safe and
Keep your Distance

 Shukria's Part in Fighting the COVID-19

Ms. Shukria, 24 is the Deputy Head of Nakarabad Community Development Council (CDC) in Shabirghan, the center of Jawzjan province. After she participated in a Coronavirus Awareness Campaign conducted by the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/CCNPP), she knew the serious threats posed to human life by this deadliest virus. She learned how to prevent and fight against this pandemic disease that can spread throughout a large area unless prevention instructions are considered carefully. The Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program is conducting Public Awareness Sessions for the key members of Community Development Councils (CDCs) and Mosqu Read More

 Meet Wahid Abad CDC in Jalalabad City!           
Through the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP), the outlook of the cities is changing dramatically. Here, we are assessing the fast-changing governance conditions and potentials through the urban community development councils and Gozar Assemblies (GAs).
Wahid Abad CDC is located in Nahia nine Gozar five of Jalalabad city which is formed of 236 households (656 males and 623 females) and 12 election units.
A total of 201 households of the CDC have now access to clean drinking water. The CDC is also home to 60 IDP families. In terms of education, a total 129 male members and 8 female members including 3 physically disabled persons of the CDC are literate. According to our statistics, 169 residents are permanent while the remaining 67 households resides in rental houses.
Mostly, the community in order could understand their potentials and resources available in the locality, the social mobilization practices takes place, for inclusive decision making. After the successful completion of social mobilization, See More

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