Through the Citizens’ Charter program, Women are Making their own Informed Decisions

 The Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP) provincial office with Mazar-e-Sharif municipality inaugurated construction of two kindergartens and a boundary wall for a school. They have also inaugurated a factory for women. This ceremony was organized to inaugurate the above four projects, which was attended by municipality officials, provincial program head and local community.The projects are selected by the local community. The two Kindergartens will be constructed for Sayed Yahya High School and Hawayee Block Secondary schools in the 8th district. In the mean time, construction of a boundary wall was of a high priority for Abu Ali Sina High School, to create a safe learning environment for students. Citizens' Charter program works to ensure that women have access to a full range of suitable and affordable trainings and skills-set critical to withstand their shocks and fulfill their economic and social potential. Taking  Citizens' Charter program as an opportunity, the women at the Gozar level  have decided to establish a factory to get baking skills in making sweets, cakes and cookies. Read More
Stop Violence Against woman

Active Participation of Afghan woman in Citizens' Charter

Local Road Substitutes a Risky Cable-Stayed Cradle over Kokcha River

Hassan Bigi, a small village consisted of 28 families is located alongside the Kokcha River in Shahr-e-Buzurg district of Badakhshan province and some 50 km away from the district center. Most of the villagers here carry out farming activities and earn their living from agriculture sector.

The stormy and turbulent river has taken the lives of many villagers over the past years. The residents had to use a preliminary handmade and risky cable-stayed cradle over the river that connected the community with the main road. The cable cradle always posed potential threat to the lives of the villagers, particularly the children and women. Read More

 Meet with Nahr e Shahi Community Development Council
The Nahr e Shahi community development council is functioning under the umbrella of 2nd Gozar, located in 9th Nahia (urban district) of Jalalabad city. 
This community development council is comprised of 233 households. Based on a survey, 105 households are from the Internal Displaced People (IDPs) who have come from different districts of Nanagarhar province to the Jalalabad city due to deteriorated security situations and conflicts. The residents of the Nahre Shahi Development Council have embraces them. Both the IDPs and host community have been working together of their area.
Given the fact that IDPs families were new to the area and they were facing with numerous problems to enroll their kids in the school, the Education Sub-Committee functioning for advancement of education under the umbrella of this community development council not only supported IDP families to enroll their kids in the school, but also encourage the families to give attention to their kids and help them in their homework. The sub-committee also provided stationary to the enrolled children through their own sources of funding.

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