Citizens’ Charter CDCs’ National Consultative Conference

  Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) conducted the “Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP) “CDCs Consultative National Conference” at Loya Jirga Auditorium and Presidential Palace from 31st Aug to 2nd Sep 2019.  1400 representatives of the CDCs, high-ranking officials of IDLG, MRRD, MoF, MoPH, MoE, MAIL, donors, media and civil society representatives participated the conference. The CDCs National Conference is held every two years within CCNPP; aiming to discuss the CDCs progress and achievements, evaluate the challenges and make better decisions to improve the service deliveries across the country as well as the governance and coordination of the program. More Here

Citizens' Charter Changes Lives

What People Say about Citizens' Charter ?

Ghoran: A Village Located in a Hilly Terrain Area; Enabled Now to have Drinking Water

Ghoran village is located among a series of high mountains in Shwak district, some 40 KM to the southeast of the center of Paktia province, Gardiz. Nearly, 1,000 families live in this mountainous village. Considering the climate and landscape of the area, the villagers do not rely much on the agricultural lands that produce insufficient crops and cannot satisfy the needs of a household. Drinking water, Irrigation canals, a health clinic and a school building in the community are the urgent and basic needs of the community; identified during the community profiling and exercises. However, shortage of water, and lack of safe drinking water have been the major challenges which were prioritized by the community during the facilitation. Children  More Here 

Introduction to Gulzar Community Development Council (CDC)
Gulzar Community Development Council (CDC) is formed of 11 election units by CCAP in Kateb Gozar district 13 of Herat city. The CDC is home to 221 families or 1369 persons (688 men and 681 women) and 50% members of the CDC are women.
Prior provision of services by Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP), all streets of the CDC were dusty and its residents were suffering from environmental contaminants such as dirt, standing water, and environmental contamination caused illnesses including children pediatric illnesses.
After formation of the Community Development Council by CCAP, residents of the community including men and women gathered in a large meeting to identify and prioritize their needs and then develop their community development plan and proposed CCAP to concrete their streets.  The project consists of concreting 1201 meters of street, which will be completed within 9 months with total budget of 6,257,155 AFN budget and contribution of the community. Implementing of the street upgrading project will have good economic, social and health impacts, such as creation of traffic facilities in the community and clearing of dirt caused by traffic and vehicles, resolving mud problems on rainy days, preventing locals infected with respiratory diseases caused by dust and environmental pollution. At same it helps to rising property prices, creating a healthy environment for children's entertainment and beside it raises the people living standards.

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